Lord of Blades

"Kneel before the Lord of Blades, the savior and liberator of the android race."


Lord of Blades
Fighter 12/Destined One 6
hp ???

Str: 30
Dex: 25
Con: N/A*
Int: 20
Wis: 20
Cha: 30

*Being a true automaton, the Lord of Blades does not have a Constitution. Instead, all Con saves will be treated as Str saves.

Unstoppable Mind
Freed from the control of others, the Lord of Blades is immune to mind-affecting effects and takes only 1 damage from psychic attacks.

Bow Before Me
The Lord of Blades has an odd effect on androids. His mere presence can cause androids to kneel before him and acknowledge his supremacy.

Anti-Regeneration Strikes
The Lord of Blades kills people without allowing them to reconstitute.


The self-proclaimed android messiah Lord of Blades appeared 200 years ago in Sigil, although people claim his legends extend to about 1500 years ago, before the destruction of Sharn. Legends tell that he was the very first android created to wage war, and the Lord of Blades would not deny this; indeed, he embraces that aspect of his existence.

Lord of Blades

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