Faith Deneith

"I just don't care."


Blade Dancer 15

AC 25
Init: 11 (4 Alert)
hp 146
Str 16
Dex 24
Con 14
Int 18
Wis 15
Cha 10

Concealed Blades

Claw Rake
1d4 x 2

Blade Orbit
Blades rotate within a 5ft radius of Faith, dealing 1d6 damage to all within the range. Faith can block any ray spell using these blades, provided they are of good quality.

High Claw Set-Up
Faith takes a malleable stance designed to counter various attacks.

High Claw~ Hopeless
If Faith is attacked by a melee weapon and dealt damage while in High Claw Set-Up, Faith can take two extra attack actions during her turn.

High Claw~ Relentless
If opponents do not attack Faith while High Claw is set up, Faith’s movement speed increases by 20ft and her claw attacks gain an extra 1d12 of damage. Can be stacked three times.

High Claw~ Soulless
If opponents heal during their turn while she is in High Claw, Faith can “catch” the healing as well, being healed for the same amount of damage.

High Claw~ Faithless
If Faith has used High Claw twice already during the fight, she can temporarily maximize her damage output for 1d6+4 rounds. If Faith uses this ability, she will be stunned for 1d2 rounds. She cannot use this ability twice.

Uncanny Dodge
As rogue ability.

As monk ability.


Faith is the second oldest of the Five Virtues. She has been a part of the Adventuring Guild for almost seventy years. She, like Patience, was one of only two survivors of Peuhl’s initial attack on the Virtues. Faith greatly admired the old Virtues and had a deep connection with them. When she lost her best friends, she was alone. Terrified of losing those around her, she became aloof and distant, to the point where she abandoned hope on the future. Faith barely feels emotion, but it’s not because she doesn’t care or she’s a sociopath— she simply wants to forget that she has emotion, if she can.

Faith Deneith

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