Hazel Fairhaven d'Orien

A young, slender woman, about 5'11". She wears a light grey cabbie hat with a small silver medallion on the buckle that bears a V symbol.


Hazel Fairhaven d’Orien
Monk 18/Psionic Artificer 10
hp 368
AC 36
Init: +12

Str 38
Dex 34
Con 30
Int 25
Wis 20
Cha 35,

Left Arm (all abilities count as an action.)
If Hazel snaps her fingers, she gains haste, bear’s endurance, bull’s strength, fox’s cunning, and immunity to one element of her choice.
If Hazel points at a target, she can forcibly inscribe a symbol of weakness/death/sepia snake sigil on the target.
Hazel can fire three dark blasts from this hand that deal 10d10 necrotic damage on a successful hit. If the target is resistant to necrotic damage, the damage is treated as radiant. If immune, the attack is unsuccessful. The attack also knocks the target back 50ft.

Right Arm (all abilities count as an action.)

Hazel can analyze the weaknesses of an opponent in an instant, guaranteeing a critical on her next turn.
Hazel can clench her fist, forcibly ending any psionic or magical influence exerted on her. (only usable as a reaction)
Hazel can cause electronics to go berserk around her, forcing them to explode or deactivate unless they succeed on a stat-variable save that Hazel chooses.


Hazel was born to be an adventurer, with a family history that can be traced back to Kane, the founder of Sigil. Hazel trained for two centuries as a monk under the Church of the Silver Flame, where she developed immense power and skill. She quickly gained public awe and approval as the world’s first psionic artificer. She was subsequently granted leadership of the Adventuring Guild. Despite all this, Hazel is shy around people, only truly able to communicate when she has prepared weeks in advance or when she’s particularly impassioned. She has recently attempted to overcome her shyness by appearing on the new “Hazel Channel.”

Hazel Fairhaven d'Orien

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