This 6'9" hooded man with electric-blue eyes stares at you, his black cloak billowing in the wind. Only the merest outline of his face is visible. You are nothing. He is your better. You are in awe. How can a man like this exist?


Psion 30/Initiate of the Unseen Veil 10

AC 41
hp ?
Str: ?

Dex: ?
Con: ?

Int: Likely above 50
Wis: Likely above 30
Cha: Likely above 40

Soul Scythe
(Always hits)

A successful hit will cause the target to be forcibly severed from their dragonmark, unless they make a DC 30 Int save. Peuhl can force them to re-roll this in the event that the target makes the save. Additionally, Peuhl can force the attack to cut an opponent down to 1hp, or have the overall damage be dealt psychically over a three-week period.

Known powers:

Mindwarp: Target must succeed on a DC 25 Int check, or be forced to act as though suggested. Additionally, the target will think of its actions as its own, not remembering the commands unless they successfully resist.

Astral Projection
By freeing your spirit from your physical body, this spell allows you to project an astral body onto another plane altogether, or be used to observe others.


Much of Peuhl is unknown. It was approximately fifteen years ago when he assumed leadership of the group of psions that would become known as the Inspired. Peuhl proved to be impossible to defeat in combat, easily defeating the Five Virtues in his first appearance. There are whispers that he succeeds in anything he tries, that he is an inexorable force of nature that cannot be stopped. It is said that he fears Hazel’s power, so he dare not attack Sigil itself.

But were that fear to ever disappear…


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