Inner Universe

The Basics

Wherein I talk about the campaign specifics in a jumble

For basic questions, go here: http://

A few more points:
1. Inner Universe is an Eberron campaign in only the loosest of terms. While I do like Eberron, I more or less appreciated the setting more than the specifics.
2. Inner Universe is a character-driven story. By this I mean that I do not arbitrarily decide what happens before it happens. The PCs make many of the decisions about who the next villain is through their actions. A Dungeon Master can double as storyteller only if meaningful interactivity is included.
3. I am usually open to people doing individual missions when apart from the group to get ahead in their respective Houses.
4. The regeneration pods in the Adventuring Guild have a separate power supply, powered by the leader of the Adventuring Guild. The DM is not allowed to restrict usage of the regeneration pods unless something very specific occurs, or the player has violated protocol.
5. I suffer only funny fools. If you came into my campaign with the expectation you can do things at my or the other players’ expense, I’m likely to kick you out faster than you can say “it’s just a prank bro.”
6. Make a perfect, flawless character who can never do wrong or make a self-insert character with the above traits unironically, and I’ll kick you out faster than you can say “power fantasy.”
7. Focus so heavily on your build that you lose sight of the roleplay, and I’ll kick you out faster than you can say “Check out mah build”
8. I award INSPIRATION for meritorious actions such as staying true to your character, a re-roll that can serve other functions. When you reach 10 INSPIRATION, you will gain access to a player-tailored INSPIRATION POWER. There are other, hidden INSPIRATION POWERS throughout the campaign. Will you find them all…?



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